How to download and view aerials:

  1. Use the link at the end of these instructions to download the GIS shareware package, ArcExplorer, which is available for free from ESRI, Inc. You will have an executable file once the download is complete. Run this executable, and you will have a new software package on your computer.
  2. Download the aerial(s) you want to view. Click here to download aerials. Be sure to use WinZip to unzip all the files.
  3. Open ArcExplorer. Click the Add Theme button.
  1. Navigate to the directory where the aerials were unzipped to and select the aerial you want to view (more than one aerial can be selected by holding down the shift key). Then press Add Theme.
  1. Next click in the small white box next to the Aerial Number to turn the aerial on. The aerial will display in the large white area.
  1. For additional information on using ArcExplorer click the help menu.